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What’s hot? Search phrases for Nov 29, 2010

A semi-regular report of search phrases on

A few weeks ago, I set up the Reinvigorate.Net simple, real time web analytics & heatmaps” service on  my Website. It took but seconds to do so — I had to create my account (signing up for a year) and add a WordPress plugin.

Within minutes, I had all kinds of cool data flowing in that show how people are finding my Web site; how much time they are spending there; what they are looking at, and most important of all, what search phrases and search engines are they using to discover my site.

I’ve had this type of information available for a long time; for example, through Google Analytics.

But the folks at have done a wonderful job of making the information easily accessible and browseable via a very nifty design. And they’ve included a program, Scoop, which lets you watch in real time as people find and use your site. (Warning: it’s addictive!)

I thought it might be of interest to put in perspective, on a weekly basis, some of the things that people have been discovering on my site. With over 1,100 blog posts full of insight and content, there’s a lot of information in there.

So here’s a grab bag of ‘search phrases’ that people were using this week — and the Web page on my site that the search engine directed them to. Poke around, and you might find some hidden insight of use:

Two of the phrases above promise to be recurring on a regular basis; it seems anyone searching for an image on “zorbing” hits the web page above, since it is at the top of the Google Images list. And any search for ‘great words’ inevitably turns up my “10 Great Words” post, since it too is near the top of the list.

I’ll try and do a post like this every Monday, since it might help to offer some unique insight into the innovation and trends issues that people are thinking about!

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