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Zorbing — and why it’s in to be out!

zorbing.jpgSeems USA Today ran an article about zorbing, and my web site is being flooded with traffic because it features a picture of zorbing in action.

Here’s the thing: Zorbing is part of a trend that I frequently speak about at conferences — the rapid emergence of new sports, which is part of the overall trend of the more rapid emergence of new trends!

My coverage of Zorbing goes back to 2004, when I keynoted a New York City publicity event, where, I met with the editors of O (Oprah Magazine), Elle, Family Circle, Parenting, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Working Mother, American Baby, Soap Opera Weekly, Woman’s Day, Glamor, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Good Housekeeing, Family Circle and about 40 other national trade magazines.

My focus, on behalf of a consumer products company, was the presentation of my “10 Trends that Will Rock the Outdoor World.” In preparing, I undertook detailed research and analysis of leading lifestyle, demographic, social and cultural trends, to put into perspective what we can expect in terms of active, outdoor living in the future.

And one of the trends I talked about? The rapid emergence of new sports — such as zorbing!

Read 10 Trends that Will Rock the Outdoor World.adobe.gif .

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