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The future of healthcare – a concise, quick summary

Grab the PDF on the future of healthcare – click on the image!

I’ve got my keynote for the World Health Care Innovation and Technology Conference this week; I blogged about it a few weeks ago with a futuristic post about health care.

A fellow over at the blog Our Own System found the post to be of interest. And in a blog post about it, he cut to
the meat of my longish post, and provided links to a variety of Web sites that puts each trend in perspective. It provides interesting food for thought, so I’m reproducing a chunk of his post here. Make sure to visit his blog for the full post.

Jim Carroll had a very intriguing post at World Health Care Blog last week on health care innovation. The post is a keynote at a conference in 2020. His reflections provide insight to the ten biggest changes in health care since 2008. The changes are drastic. They’re innovative. They’re also exactly where we need to go.

Coming back to the present, the changes Carroll writes of can form a very interesting innovation agenda:

  1. Move to a system of preventative care.
  2. Enable virtual care through bio-connectivity.
  3. Embrace Health 2.0.
  4. Improve the management of change within the health care organization.
  5. Provide service in the health care environment.
  6. Connect every device.
  7. Utilize the cloud and its power.
  8. Deliver medical knowledge to providers as needed.
  9. Ensure the system can handle ever-increasing scientific velocity.
  10. Build optimism, always optimism.

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