AI Megatrends: Beyond ChatGPT – How AI Will Redefine your Industry, Profession, Company, and Career – and What You Need to Do About It!


AI Megatrends: Beyond ChatGPT – How AI Will Redefine your Industry, Profession, Company, and Career – and What You Need to Do About It!

The future of AI? It’s bigger than you think. You need to understand the AI Megatrends.

Client List

Global leaders, industry and professional associations, and corporate organizations have all turned to Jim Carroll for Insight on aligning to a faster, more complex future. Shouldn’t you?


AI Megatrends: Beyond ChatGPT - How AI is Redefining Your Industry, Profession, Company and Career - And What You Need To Do About It!

Futurist Jim Carroll has been engaged by associations and corporate groups worldwide to put into perspective the long-term, transformative AI trends that will reshape and disrupt entire industries in the medium and longer term. Recent keynote events have included talks on the impact of AI on manufacturing, agriculture, ranching, construction, pharmaceutical and clinical research services, healthcare, construction, and many, many more.

In this keynote, you will get concise, highly customized insight into the AI issues that matter – not a surface-level overview that is common with much of AI insight that is available.

Jim approaches his keynote with you by helping you understand that AI is far bigger than new developments like ChatGPT and large language model technology – the future of AI is also all about the rise of robots, industrial autonomous technologies, machine intelligence, and machine vision systems, digital twin and augmented reality systems, sensor world technologies & so much more. That’s why strategic clarity on the impact of AI is necessary – and is what Jim will provide you with a highly customized keynote presentation that will examine several issues.

Jim is known globally for his ability to outline a concise, compelling, and research-rich presentation directly related to your industry, profession, and company. His AI presentations usually involve two key components.

The first part takes a deep look at the continued evolution of  ‘Generative AI technologies’ – the fast-moving trends involving ChatGPT and other generative technologies involving voice, video, and more; the impact of productivity, workflow, and other software-based opportunities built on top of these trends; and other new tools, products and search engine technologies. All of these trends will come to change the nature of the way we search, learn, interact, and think. It’s a new era of human-knowledge augmentation that is coming about through the emergence of personalized knowledge butlers; an acceleration in just-in-time knowledge through on-demand knowledge robots; and the arrival of the always-available knowledge servant.

Second, Jim provides strategic clarity on the “AI Megatrends” – the far-reaching, transformative, and disruptive AI concepts involving such things as predictive diagnostics, autonomous technologies, and machine vision, the hyper-connectivity of intelligent devices, workforce, and process augmentation technologies, real-time risk monitoring, product reinvention, and transformation through embedded AI, and so much more! Your future is bigger than you think, and will be dramatically transformed with these AI technologies – many of which are already disrupting industries in significant ways.

The AI Megatrends

The result of both these major developments is a sweeping change in every industry such as: changing the way we diagnose and treat medical conditions; how we assess and underwrite insurance risk using sophisticated AI risk management tools; how we manage our march to precision farming using AI-driven autonomous technologies; how we are using AI throughout retail and manufacturing for deep supply chain analysis and inventory management. You need customized industry-specific AI insight, and Futurist Jim Carroll is known for his ability to deliver this in an engaging, highly compelling, information-rich keynote session.


What you need RIGHT NOW is highly relevant AI Megatrends guidance from a realistic, strategic business perspective.

Jim will help you understand:

  • the AI Megatrends that are already underway, and those that are yet to come
  • the disruptive and transformative context of these trends in your industry, profession, or association, based on up-to-the-minute detailed research specific to your requirements
  • why the ‘era of acceleration’ with AI will now challenge all your assumptions about your future
  • the strategic opportunities that exist with AI within your industry and organization, on a near, medium, and long-term basis
  • the significant challenges and risks that exist for the same time frame
  • what leading innovators and competitors are doing to align with these fast-moving trends
  • what actionable steps you can pursue so you can prepare a concise strategic plan for your organization and team

Futurist Jim Carroll will help you cut through the noise and the hype to understand what is happening, and the critical nature of the important trends that you must pay attention to!

Download the AI Megatrends 2-page flyer.

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