I just shared this update with my many speaker bureau partners. It might provide some food for thought for you too!

Good morning!

It seems that just while we were looking at 2022 with a wary eye of optimism, the sudden arrival of Omicron can pull us back in to, well, non-optimism!

Our industry and Covid? It’s just like that scene from the Godfather, later made immortal by Steve Van Zandt in the Sopranos – just when we thought we were out of Covid-land, it pulls us back in!

I refuse to give in to the volatility – and with that in mind, launched a new quick new virtual topic for the early start off the year that some of your clients might be interested in.

We know that every year, many corporate groups pull their team together for a new year leadership kickoff – and it looks like many will still be stuck in a virtual Zoom world.

They often know they need some good, solid thought leadership to get them in the right frame of mind. That said, over the last two years, they’ve been subjected to some awful virtual presentations. They’re sick of it, tired, wary, bored.

The fact is – they need professional content, well staged, with high level energy, from a professional broadcast studio.

And that’s what they’ll get with this quick topic opportunity.

Here’s what I wrote that you can share with them to stir up their interest.

22 Minutes. 22 Trends. 22 Opportunities : A Virtual Leadership Kickstart for 2022!

Interested? Learn more at https://22Trendsfor2022.jimcarroll.com

Here’s a video tease to get you in the right frame of mind!

Virtual? Aren’t people sick of that?

Not with my world-class virtual studio presentations. Any client that has booked me for an interactive virtual talk has come away raving about the quality of the production, the depth of the content and the energy in the presentation. Let’s face it – most speakers have been delivering a marginal virtual product, but not me! My studio setup speaks for itself.

Here’s a recent construction trends video delivered for one client just a month ago:

22 Trends. 22 Minutes. 22 Opportunities for 2022.

Think growth!

Be well! Stay safe! And let’s be optimistic!

By the way, here’s the latest shots of the studio! It’s some serious green that turns into magic!


Yours in the future!

Futurist Jim Carroll


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