Daily Inspiration: “The decisions you make at this very moment can lead you to a case of post-traumatic growth syndrome! Think about that – and act accordingly!”

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“The decisions you make at this very moment can lead you to a case of post-traumatic growth syndrome! Think about that – and act accordingly!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

A shoutout to Harry Whitbread, the Managing Director LSB America at London Speaker Bureau, one of many agencies who’ve put my name in front of global clients over the years. I caught mention of the phrase when he was interviewed on This Week in Events with super-agent Maria Franzoni and fellow speaker James Taylor. They featured me in a similar interview a few weeks ago.

The concept? Wikipedia defines post-traumatic growth this way:

Posttraumatic growth or benefit finding is positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity and other challenges in order to rise to a higher level of functioning.

As soon as I heard it, I knew it had to make it into my inspirational quote of the day because I think the idea neatly captures everything I’ve been saying since this thing began way back in February. I’ve been counseling organizations to move into a mindset that every downturn has an upturn; every pullback has an era of acceleration; every positive has a negative.

If you align with that thinking, then you’ll be in the right mindset to focus on the future and the opportunities of tomorrow – not just trying to survive and manage your way through the challenges of today.

My own business took a substantive and massive hit this year; but since day 1, I’ve been focused on reinventing, re-establishing, rethinking, and redoing what it is I do. The home broadcast studio is firing on all cylinders as you can see, and people are starting to notice.

Some months back, I wrote a post around this issue, featuring a mock-title for my new book – take a look!

Aggressive Indecision 2020: How Organizations Are Failing By Freezing FAST! (Hint: Accept Your New Covid-19 Reality)

What I wrote was this:

I’m watching people, organizations, associations and how they are reacting to the most seismic global change of the last 70 years. And it seems that many are doing everything they can to avoid doing what they need to do to align to our new and different future. They are letting their delusions drive up the level of cultural plaque that is accelerating their organizational sclerosis. They’re clogged up with indecision, and many will soon succumb to the deadly disease cause by this inaction.

Is that you? And what type of psychological mindset do you now find yourself in? Is the future full of opportunity, or is it a threat? The answer matters!



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