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Keynotes : What’s To Come in The Months to Come?

For the first time in 20 years, I’ve taken an entire summer off. In that, I chose not to undertake any keynotes or corporate off sites; nor did I choose to write a book; or do other things related to work (other than attempting to manage conference calls with various clients and of course, prep work for upcoming autumn events)…..


I almost aced the 11th hole one day — shot a driver 180 yards into the wind. It started left, curled right, hit the green, and just rolled up near the hole!

Instead, I golfed, spent time with my family, undertook epic bike rides — and, well, golfed!

But that’s quickly coming to an end. Today, I had a day away from golf in order to buy airline tickets for my upcoming autumn 2013 keynotes.

It’s a busy autumn, with trips to Orlando, Boston, Hartford, Athens (Greece), Phoenix (x2), Albuquerque, Denver, Montreal, Aspen, Philly (x2), Chicago (x2), Cabo San Lucas, Halifax, Atlantic City, New Orleans … did I mention I am completely and solidly booked until 2014? And we seem to be turning way 5 to 10 inquiries each DAY for events September 2013 to December 2013!

Who am I speaking to this fall? A wide range of groups, ranging from The 2013 Enterprise Network Conference, the 2013 LIMRA 2013 Group and Worksite Benefits Conference , a corporate event for Black & Veatch, Highland Capital Brokerage, The American Medical Group Association, the Building Owners and Managers (BOMEX) Association, Verizon, the Electronics Representatives Association annual conference, United Technologies, the Professional Compounding Centers Association of America, SunGard, the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter Association, FMC Agriculuture, the Retail Value Chain Federation  — and others! Oh, and a few other private events, including one for a group of global financial / investment managers.

Meaning, I’m covering just about everything from healthcare to manufacturing, hi-tech to insurance and financial services, retail to agriculture, construction to aerospace.

Of course, now that I’ve booked all the flights, it’s back to summer. Tomorrow, I’m in a member / guest golf tournament, my partner being one of the the longest serving NHL Referees of all time, Ron Wicks!

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