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How will golf deal with the arrival of drones?

I’m back to work. Pulling together the final slide deck for an upcoming keynote.

rentadroneIt’s pretty obvious to me that when someone is house hunting 5 years from now, they’ll be able to rent a drone to fly over a few homes in their chosen neighborhood and get some real insight, real time.

Why not? Drone technology is maturing at a ridiculously fast pace.

Which, while doing my research, led me to the Web site,

It looks like it is a bit of a joke, and probably is. Right now, perhaps, but give it a few years from now, and there will be some YouTube’s and Facebook’s of the drone world. Including business models that support part time rental of said drone devices.

Which makes one think — what happens to a sport like golf, which has had to manage the introduction of technology so as to not challenge a sport steeped in tradition. (I keynoted the PGA of America in 2010, and spoke of the challenges of social media and mobile devices on the golf course….)

Look at the image: one potential use for

“Distract your golfing opponent”.

Imagine that!

The future belongs to those who are fast!

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