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Video – innovation and education

Some weeks ago, I spoke at the University of Oklahoma, on the role of innovation in education.

The biggest area for any educational institution in the future is in the area of “just-in-time knowledge.” Whether we are dealing with medical, scientific, financial and business, mechanical or engineering issues, one thing is clear: the knowledge that people need to know to do their job today is becoming infinitely more complex every minute, with a constant, relentless flood of that which is new. In such an environment:

  • the ability of obtaining rapid, instant knowledge generation is becoming an urgent necessity in almost every field of endeavor;
  • the ability to quickly digest, understand and assess new knowledge is an increasingly important skill – one that not a lot of individuals have mastered;
  • the ability to reformulate our thinking, assumptions and capabilities to respond to the constant change being thrust upon us is of increasing importance
    That’s where the concept of “just in time knowledge” comes in, as it best describes the nexus of these realities.

And from an innovation perspective, there is plenty of opportunity for meeting the demands of our fast-paced world through just in time knowledge.

This video is linked to the post I originally made when visiting the folks in Oklahoma; you can read that post, What’s happening with our workforce here

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