Daily Inspiration: “Once you’ve fallen prey to the cult of delusion …. the future will arrive too late to save you!”


“Once you’ve fallen prey to the cult of delusion, the conspiracy of idiocy and the madness of ineptitude, the future will arrive too late to save you!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

It seems we are now witnessing in real time the collapse in the foundation of what was once a great nation. Seriously – could you have ever imagined it would come to this point?

When history is written, it will be filled with the paragraphs of disbelief, an analysis of insanity, the ineptitude of the collective.

I keep referring people to a post I wrote way back in 2017 – it seems like eons ago – predicting how this period of time might play out. I keep referring it to people as yet another one of its predictions sadly becomes a reality:

Trends: What Comes Next with the Decline of an Empire?

You can almost laugh at the absurdity of what is unfolding in so many different industries in the US.

In my own case – the global meetings and events industry – the US has long positioned and established itself as the best location for international science conferences and events. And yet, at this moment, and for a long foreseeable time, few in the world would dare risk their lives in traveling to the US. Not to mention that the mindset is hostile: many in the country – not to mention senior leadership – prefer to have wishful thinking, not hard science, guide their actions. Every increasing immigration bans further decrease the ‘appeal’ of the country as a location for an event – fewer and fewer people can actuallyobtain the necessary visas to attend a science or business conference.

The result? The international aspect of the convention and conference business in the US is dead, for a long time.

But it’s not just international events. Few companies will be willing to put their people onto. plane and into a room in order to learn, collaborate, share and network. Conferences, events and meetings are dead. Whither Las Vegas.

That’s just one industry – the foundation for damage is widespread. Think about supply chains – what global CEO might now risk making a risky, long term capital investment in a new US based factory, given the madness of delusion that exists? What PhD candidate might consider the country to further their research? What nation might base future food supply decisions based on the whimsy of anti-global thinking? (Sorry, soybean farmers…)

A nation, it’s brand now tarnished, will have to work hard to climb out of a deep, self-inflicted hole.

Madness and delusion is like a virus. Once embedded, it further entrenches itself, eventually killing the host.


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