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My plans – and destiny!

ckwr-2.jpgIn several keynotes last week, I noted how everyone is now faced with a life of constant and regular career change. Today I’m writing an article about why many people need to ensure they make a transition with their job and career from one that is tactical to one that is strategic — in order to survive the current transformation of the global workforce.

Career change today is a reality — in my case, I’m probably on my 4th or 5th career, and likely have a few more to go!

The funny thing: when I spoke to the BBC in London Friday, I noted that in high school, my plan was to become a DJ! I was the station manager for CKWR, our high school radio station. That plan went no where once the idealism of being a teenager was replaced with the reality of university life and a looming career.

At the opening of my talk, I showed a scan from my high school year book of the radio station team. And that’s me — the long haired fellow above!

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