The volume of global information is now doubling every two years

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Disruption is real, and its happening to everyone.

The seeds of the future are found in edge thinking and more! 

Jim Carroll spends a lot of time detailing comprehensive trends in a wide variety of industries for many of the leading organizations in the world, as well as general thought-starters for everyone. Here’s something to whet your appetite – “25 Trends for 2025!”


As one of the world’s leading international futurist, trends & innovation experts, Jim spends his time covering leading edge trends in dozens of industries.

The best place to start to seek his insight on major trends is through the various industry trend categories on the right.

And through his blog, you can catch a glimpse of his work.

You can also explore some of his blog posts and insight by various industry categories:



Consumer & Food

Education trends

Energy and infrastructure trends

Financial, banking and insurance trends

Health care trends

Human capital trends

Manufacturing trends

Media and technology trends

Professional service firm trends

Retail trends

Social networking

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