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The Future & Opportunity

Think growth. Think opportunity. Innovate for the future, don’t stagnate with the past. That's the message that Jim helps to set on stage, or while working with a small, intimate CEO level meeting.

I’m finally back in the office full time after a very busy summer with my family.

And what do I return to? A September that seems to feature screaming headlines about a potential recession and some pretty wild economic and market volatility.

If you are thinking about how you are reacting to this fast-paced world in which we find ourselves, then here is a key question: are you going to stay focused on the future, opportunity and innovation – or are you going to allow yourself fall into the trap of aggressive indecision.

Watch this clip from a recent keynote I gave in which I challenge the audience on this very issue:

Each year, Deloitte South Africa presents their annual “Best Companies to Work For In South Africa” survey, and coincident with that, they honour companies that show the best talent management practices.

The companies are selected through a diligent process ; the entire event is built around the theme of world class HR and talent management practices.

This year, Deloitte engaged me to provide a “video keynote” that would touch upon the key themes from this years research into the best practices around talent management. The result is the video that you see below. It captures the essence of what makes for successful innovation in todays’ global high velocity economy.

The video was an international effort, with film production /editing done by David Mitchell of RiverBank Pictures of Canada and  further editing/production by FogHound Studios of Johannesburg. It was a true international project. Filmed on location in Toronto, Mississauga, Collingwood, Craigleith and Thornbury, Canada

A huge number of global organiztions have me in to challenge their team to think about how to deal with the increasing speed of change in the world of business.

Here’s a clip from a Las Vegas keynote, in which I speak to the topic of business velocity. A greater number of organizations will need to deal with ever increasing rates of change!

Here’s a short video clip about the fast future, and a challenge as to how you think about the future.

Which camp are you in?

Here’s another short video clip about the mindset that you can — and should – carry forward as we continue to work our way through challenging economic times!

The motivational wrapup to a recent Las Vegas keynote – advising the audience to “re-engage with the future.”

This is based upon my “10 Great Words” document which you can find here, in a big PDF.

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