Daily Inspiration: Industry Transformation – “A bold future abhors a timid mind!”


“A bold future abhors a timid mind!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

The old automotive industry is disappearing; a new one is being born. The old world of energy is shrinking; a new one has all the momentum. The old world of healthcare is no longer working; new ideas are flourishing. The old concept of insurance is from the olden days; the new one of real-time insurance is emerging. The old world of methodical construction and manufacturing is being replaced by new methodologies in construction and manufacturing.

You are either part of the reinvention and transformation, or you are irrelevant.

Bold new futures demand bold new thinking; bold changes require bold actions; bold transformations demand bold leaders.

You are either a bold leader aligned to this new world, or you are a timid relic of old thinking.

Nature abhors the weak; the natural selection of the species weeds out those who cannot take the bold, aggressive actions necessary for survival. The same thing is happening in business today; a natural evolution will weed out the timid, mild, inactive, and small-minded organizations that cannot keep up with the fast, aggressive, sweeping, and all-encompassing ideas of the bold.

You are either evolving, or you are wasting – because nothing great was ever achieved by those who are timid!

My catchphrase has long been this:

Think big, start small, scale fast!

It could also be this:

Think big. Be bold.

The world is changing fast, and your approach to reality will define your future. You won’t get ahead by being small and timid when the biggest, boldest challenges in your industry are occurring all around you. We’re shifting to a world of 24-hour farming, cars, and trucks are becoming battery-based computers, the energy industry is being decentralized, supply chains are being re-engineered for a new and different phase of globalization, oil is over, products are becoming connected and intelligent, financial services are being swept by new forms of monetary ownership and exchange. These are all seismic changes, and you won’t get ahead by dabbling around the edges and fooling around on the margins.

This is no time for thinking small. This is a time to think big and give it all you’ve got. The global economy is in the midst of its most massive change of all time as we head into the next phase of our new, connected, intelligent economy;  There is no magic switch that brings back the ‘world before’ big disruptive trends  – there is only the ‘world after.’

You can’t prevent what is going to happen – you can only choose to participate.

If you don’t understand that simple reality and don’t have plans for major transformations, you need to check your reality.

Everything is different, nothing is the same, and our future will never be what you expected it to be.

And yet, it is full of massive opportunities for those who are prepared to be bold and imaginative.

To you, it might be unrecognizable.

To me, it’s crystal clear and aligns perfectly with my core belief more than ever before.



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