Keynote Topic: “The Rise of the Robots, AI, Machine Intelligence & Other Disruptive Technologies Key Trends You Need to Understand for 2023”


This a message I just put out to my many speaker bureau partners worldwide.

Futurists. Think of us as a tour guide to an increasingly complex, extremely fast future!

That was the key message that this particular client wanted me to deliver – emphasizing it with a stage backdrop!

And that’s what I do – and given all the sudden new news about things like AI, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, generative technologies, AI, and machine learning – it’s time to respond to client requests with the tour of insight they are looking for.

Recently, I saw a list of predictions for the speaking industry for 2023 from well-known speaker industry expert Nick Morgan, including this one:

Speakers of any demographic who can explain technology will find ready audiences.  We are about to jump into a new era of change brought about by AI, big data, and robots.  Have you been waiting a long time for Jetson World?  Well, your wait is almost over, and you’ll want to hear speakers able to weave a convincing story about it.  When I first started my business, in 1997, tech people said that fusion was a generation away, and always would be.  And they said we hadn’t seen anything yet as far as technological change.  I think (in spite of recent announcements about the former) both are still true. When your personal robot first serves you high tea (with the crusts cut off) you’ll thank me for the advance notice.

The timing of this post was perfect because it echoes what I have seen from a wide variety of association and corporate clients as well as from various speaker bureau partners. Based on these requests, I had already pulled together this topic outline in early December for my site:

The Rise of the Robots, AI, Machine Intelligence & Other Disruptive Technologies
Key Trends You Need to Understand for 2023

The future? It’s fast. It will get your mind spinning!

In 2023, the trends that you will be thinking about will involve ‘the rise of the robots,’ the acceleration of artificial intelligence (“AI”) as seen with generative text and image technologies like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, the maturity of industrial autonomous technologies, machine Intelligence and vision systems, digital twin and augmented reality technologies, the impact of ‘sensorworld,’ drones & more. There are a lot of fast-moving technologies that provide significant new business opportunities – but making sense of what’s real and cutting through the hype to make sense of the trends is one of the most important things you can do!

There are significant implications to these trends, from very real business model disruption to unique legal and copyright issues, education, knowledge, and workforce skills challenges, as well as the emergence of disruptive new industry competitors and accelerated new product development and innovation opportunities. The scope of what these technologies represent is now increased because the pace of their evolution is now moving faster than fast – and you are finding both challenges and opportunities within your industry and organization in ways that you are only beginning to appreciate.

Futurist Jim Carroll will help you cut through the noise and the hype to understand what is really happening, and why these are the critical trends that you must pay attention to in 2023!


I’ve been speaking, writing, and blogging about these trends for quite some time, and it’s interesting that they are now all coming together in 2023. To that end, I’ll share with you a few items from my recent and ongoing ‘23 Trends for 2023‘ series.

The Massive Velocity of A.I. [ link ]

Non-immersive VR / AR [ link ]

The Rise of the Robots [ link ]

Overall, the entire series – still unfolding into next week – features a wonderful assortment of issues that my CEO and other clients have been asking about, thinking about, and inquiring about. You can take a look at the series here:

Here’s how I open it:

The future is a vast and complex issue, and one that covers so many potential topics.

Since I speak in virtually every industry, from agriculture to healthcare, banking to technology, transportation to energy, it’s always been difficult to come up with a good concise end of years trends preview list!

And so this year, I’ve done something different! 23 Trends for 2023!

It’s a grab bag of trends to get you thinking – based on what I am hearing from my global list of clients as to what CEOs and senior executives are thinking about.

There are other trends in the series related to innovating in a recession, the end of carbon (the future of energy), workforce and skills issues, transformation and innovation, locking in the lessons of the pandemic, de-globalization and re-shoring, and much more.

It’s been drawing quite a bit of attention, and I think aligns perfectly with what CEOs are thinking about into 2023.

And with all this, you might find some inspiration in discerning and interpreting what your clients are asking for with future trends, innovation, and disruption keynotes.



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