A clip from a virtual keynote I gave in June ’22, with an overview of how the pandemic has accelerated the world of business, changed consumer behavior, and drove forward the pace of change from a variety of trends.

Years from now, we will look back and realize that many industries, technologies, concepts, and disruptive ideas accelerated throughout the crisis of 2020 – because they played a major role in the rebuilding of our dramatically different future. We will also know that by carefully analyzing the trends of yesterday in the context of fast-moving events we were best able to understand these new trends of tomorrow.

The acceleration of trends like 3D printing and biomaterial science, robots & cobots, genetic medicine, and virtualized community care, resiliency-oriented supply chains and last-mile logistics technology, delivery drones – all of which are playing a role in our eventual post-pandemic, recovery-oriented world. In this new future, business models continue to evolve but at a faster pace; new revenue opportunities are emerging at hyper-speed as entirely new products are invented and new industries are born to deal with the crisis; entire industries are forever changed as the new era of “personal space” and “economic distancing” came to define all forms of human interaction going forward.

It is in this context that the big ideas are being explored, the bold are defining their future, and the fast is aligning to acceleration. Covid-19 and the economic downturn of 2020 have redefined our future – but it is by understanding this new future and aligning to the opportunities that it presents that breakthrough performers discover their opportunities!


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