For over 25 years, I’ve challenged leadership teams at some of the most fascinating organizations in the world – such as NASA, Disney, Pfizer, Mercedes – to align to an era of new, fast disruptive change.

I suspect that with faster change, they are going to need faster insight – and that’s the type of unique thing I can do from my virtual broadcast studio and with professional film production. The era of acceleration is leading to dramatic new forms of challenge and opportunity – as I explain right here:

In the last period of time, I’ve invested thousands of hours in building out the capability for professional video insight production. Often enhanced with the professional work of my overseas producer, I’ve been providing short, sharp shocks of highly customized trends insight in a unique online format. Here’s a video playlist of three of those types of projects:

  • a recent 15-minute video keynote on the future of construction – with a look pre and post-Covid, for the software company Trimble / eBuilder
  • a 15-minute video on the disruptive changes that occurred with the insurance industry as a result of Covid – and what we can expect net, for a global Insuretech conference; Salesforce contracted with me for the trends insight found within the video
  • the future of skills and workforces, in the context of the theme of ‘world-class innovation’

Each of them involves different levels of professional production – but all of them play into the theme of disruptive thought leadership.

Why is thought provoking leadership oriented trends insight so critical? Because Covid and the global pandemic has shifted the axis of our business universe, accelerated the pace of disruptive trends, and provided for the faster emergence of new opportunities and challenges.

You need to align your team faster to these realities. Here’s why!


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