I just sent out a short e-mail blast to the many speaker bureau partners who have worked with me through the years. They represent folks like Barak and Michelle Obama, Richard Branson and Jack Nicklaus, George Bush, and me! (I always pinch myself, but hey, I do great work!) Many have brought me into global Fortune 1000 companies through the years for deep, future-oriented trends and innovation insight.

Energy, automotive, and manufacturing companies can no longer discount the massive disruption underway in their industries. I expect things to get interesting!


You’re waking up today to the news that Tesla now carries a $1-trillion dollar market value. It’s the fastest rise in history.  If you had bought Tesla at $40 in 2016, you’d have $1,024 today.

I’ve been covering Tesla on stage for almost a decade – and I predicted the business model at an event for Mercedes-Benz in 2003. They laughed at me.

The automotive, energy, and manufacturing industries are changing at a furious speed. Here’s an image from 2016 when I’m covering Elon Musk and his big goals at an event in 2015. I predicted where we would be today – and have been sharing insight on where this will take us to 2030.

What’s happening with Tesla touches every industry in profound ways. With yesterday’s news (and the 100,000 Tesla vehicle order by Hertz), leadership teams are now rushing to understand. The fact is, you’ve got countless clients in the energy, manufacturing, transportation, and automotive sector who wonder what it all means.

I’ve got multiple keynote topics to help you – and have been doing this on stage for global Fortune 1000 companies for years.

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Hit the pages, and you’ll see the global companies who have already had me in for this insight. The issue is far more pressing right now. Disruptive change is changing the world. Your clients want to understand.

Topic descriptions are below.

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Accelerating the Auto & Trucking Industry in the Era of Self-Driving Vehicles
It’s a FAST moving industry, with SEISMIC changes underway.

Basically, vehicles have been built the same way for the last 100 years — they run on carbon, are driven by people, don’t connect with other vehicles, and operate independently. The business model has involved “car dealerships” and “car salesmen”, and manufacturing models that involve putting vast quantities of product into inventory in traditional showrooms.

Now, for the first time in over 100 years, massive change is underway. More vehicles will be based on alternative energy sources rather than carbon. A growing number will drive themselves, at the same time that they interconnect with other vehicles. They’ll operate on very sophisticated, intelligent highway infrastructure that will have a profound impact on energy efficiency, traffic patterns, and urban and highway design. It’s a future in which a large number of the next generation of transportation users might not even actually purchase a car, but simply use some type of vehicle or community sharing service. If they do actually purchase a car, they will likely do it online. All this is occurring as the speed of innovation in the transportation sector is shifting from the traditional pace of automotive/trucking to that of the hyper-innovation of Silicon Valley.

These trends promise a massive shakeup not only to the automotive and trucking industries but to parallel industries such as manufacturing, finance, insurance, urban and municipal services, government roles, and economic development.


Disrupting Energy: Why Accelerating Science and Technology is Disrupting the Future of Energy, Faster Than You Think!
The future belongs to those who are fast! That’s the mantra of futurist Jim Carroll — and nowhere has this become a reality faster than in the world of energy and utilities.

There is no doubt that the next phase of the world of energy involves the convergence of a variety of trends, each of which is significant on their own, but combined, provide an opportunity for massive disruption — and opportunity.

‘The era of massive hyper-connectivity at an industrial, commercial and residential level as a result of the acceleration of the Internet of things. The rapid advancement of energy science, particularly with battery storage, alternative energy sources, and other leading-edge technologies. Business model disruption through the fast arrival of technologies that support personal and local energy microgrids through backyard wind, solar, biomass, and other forms of energy generation. New demand and infrastructure requirements arise from such significant trends as smart cities, self-driving cars, and intelligent highway infrastructure. And then there are simple light poles — which are now becoming ‘fitbits for cities’ with embedded environmental sensors, car-charging technologies, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, and traffic management technologies!

But wait — there’s more! At M.I.T. they are even in the midst of research as to how to grow solar cells from plants!

That’s why no less than the Edison Energy Institute has stated that going forward, “The threats posed to the electric utility industry from disruptive forces, particularly distributed resources, have serious long-term implications for the traditional electric utility business model and investor opportunities.”

Leading energy organizations worldwide have been booking global futurist Jim Carroll for his insight on the accelerating trends which are redefining the global energy and utility sector at a blistering pace today. We will see more change in the energy industry in the next 10 years than we have seen in the last 100 – are you ready?



The Disruption, Transformation and
Reinvention of Manufacturing


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