As a futurist, it’s been fascinating watching the impact of Covid-19 and the global pandemic on many industries.

The broad brushstrokes are that it has accelerated previous trends to a remarkable degree. So it is with healthcare – here’s a short clip that puts it into perspective.

Add to this the trends that were already impacting healthcare before the pandemic, and you have a future that is accelerating, faster, more disruptive.

And one that is full of opportunities!

Over the last year, I’ve delivered a number of virtual talks on the future of healthcare and medicine post-Covid, and continue to do so. You can learn more on my healthcare topics page.

The global pandemic has taken us into a new era of massive challenges and significant opportunities. Every industry ‐ including healthcare ‐ is being redefined at blinding speed by new technology, collaborative global R&D, and accelerated science.

For example, I took a look at the future of healthcare in the era of Covid-19 for the Board of Directors of a hospital group, as part of their upcoming strategic planning process. They decided to open up the first part of my ‘virtual keynote’ for an organization-wide ‘town hall,’ with a wide variety of medical professionals, administrative and support staff attending. It was a highly engaging experience, with a lot of breaks for Q&A and text message polling. My talk covered the key scientific, technological, knowledge, and skills trends that existed Pre-Covid, and then outlined the new challenges and opportunities that exist as we go forward into a vastly new, more complex future. The biggest issue? Even faster acceleration of knowledge, skill sets, and more with the result that the entire industry will continue to be challenged an accelerating speed.

In order to capture my insight in the virtual keynote as well as the discussions in the subsequent strategic planning breakout sessions, we invited in Brittany Datchko through BrillianceMastery – they’re a graphical recording firm that has covered my insight from the stage many times before – including with the owner, Carolyn Ellis.

This time around, Brittany participated virtually (of course) and was doing her brilliant work on an iPad. I cut away for a view of her work within the call several times so that attendees could see her work-in-progress.

And at the end of the day, she did a brilliant job of capturing what I covered! Full resolution versions are available here and here.



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