So – someone asked me if I delivered canned insight.


I’ll just give you this playlist to start.

And then, let me share what I really do.

I decided to start listing a few clients with a short overview of the unique keynote titles or topic spin that formed the basis for my keynote or talk for their CEO group or leadership team. Each and every one unique, customized and hitting on some key, core issue.

Consider this: these are my clients, and what I covered – and every single one of these talks has resulted in some unique innovation, disruption, transformation, or trends guidance.

I’m thinking there’s a new book here!

  1. Disney: “Upside down innovation”
  2. Parker Hannifin: “Fast teams”
  3. PGA of America: “Confronting tradition”
  4. NASA: “Reinventing Strategy Through Partnership”
  5. World Bank: “Rethinking The Future of Global Manufacturing”
  6. Mercedes Benz: “Aligning to Disruptive Speed”
  7. Consumer Electronics Association: “CEO Summit: Leadership in the era of accelerated disruption”
  8. Pfizer: “Capturing Fast Science”
  9. Yum Brands: “Maximizing the internal idea factory”
  10. Baker McKenzie: “Rethinking risk”
  11. Volvo: “Maximizing uptime”
  12. Philips Medical: “It’s not a widget anymore!”
  13. Elanco / Microbeef: “Get ahead of the story”
  14. Siemens Energy: “The inevitability of the collapse of carbon”
  15. Cigna: “Exploring the transformation of patient-centered wellness”
  16. BASF: “Transformation and acceleration”
  17. Visa: “The new financial consumer”
  18. Blue Cross Blue Shield: “Bioconnectivtiy and disruptive healthcare”
  19. American Nursery and Landscape Association: “The next generation homeowner”
  20. Burger King: “Rethinking Innovation”
  21. Fairmont: “The Masters in Business Imagination”
  22. FMC: “Chameleon Revenue”
  23. National Australia Bank: “Wealth management in the social media era”
  24. Syngenta: “24 Hour Farming and More”
  25. Godiva: “The Power in Collaboration”
  26. Amsted Rail: “Xbox-room innovation acceleration!”
  27. Canadian Finance and Leasing Association: “Crytpo, Bitcoin and the Big Disruption”
  28. Chemours: “Celebrating breakthroughs”
  29. Worldskills: “Rethinking Skills Acceleration”
  30. Simplot: “The Next Generation Farmer”
  31. Purina: “Rethinking Our Role in the Face of Disruption”
  32. PPG: “Aligning to the New R&D”
  33. Perkin Elmer: “Connectivity is not just a feature”
  34. PracticeMatch: “Recruiting the Next Generation Physician”
  35. Nikon: “Challenging our Assumptions on that Vision Thing”
  36. National Fire Protection Association: “Managing Accelerated Risk”
  37. North American Veterinary Community: “The next generation pet owner”
  38. Magellan Healthcare: “Bio-connectivity and the connected hospital”
  39. LeGrand: “3D printing, fast innovation and the future of manufacturing”
  40. International Roads Union: “Autonomy, acceleration and inevitable disruption”
  41. International Asset Management Council: “The Future of Economic Development”
  42. Gore Financial: “Challenging Our Role As Financial Advisors”
  43. Genentech: “21st-century healthcare, redefined”
  44. Eversheds Sutherland: “The law and legal profession, disrupted”
  45. BlackRock: “The future of infrastructure”
  46. Deltec Bank: “The next trillion-dollar markets”
  47. Kalmar Ottawa: “Batteries, autonomy, and more!”
  48. Itron: “Connected energy”
  49. Whirlpool: “Redefining the product through connectivity”
  50. Dominion Energy: “Bold steps with disruptive change”
  51. DTN Energy: “Redefining the forecourt”
  52. National Safety Council: “Rethinking risk”
  53. Boehringer Ingelheim: “The accelerative disruption of pharmacogenetics”
  54. HMG Strategy: “Agility, flexibility and the real role of IT”
  55. RBC Insurance: “Real-time analytical underwriting”
  56. Stellar Group: “The faster evolution of food trends”
  57. American Association of Orthopaedic Executives: “3D printed body parts, bio-materials, and fast science”
  58. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs” Bio-connectivity and the connected hospital”
  59. American Cotton Shippers Association: “The future of globalization”
  60. Berkshire Partners: “Disruptive trends and new markets”
  61. DePaul University: “Entrepreneurs in the era of fast opportunity”
  62. Schneider Electric: “Energy and the Industrial Internet of Things”
  63. Wenger Group: “Agriculture, food and the future”
  64. HAVI Global: “Faster consumers, faster food”
  65. Purina: “The Amazon effect on the local ag co-op”
  66. Magellan Health: “Bio-connectivity and the connected hospital”
  67. Perkin Elmer: “Reimaging the intelligent medical device”
  68. Nutrien: “Fast science and agriculture”
  69. Trapeze Group: “It’s not your grandfather’s bus!”
  70. Anthem Healthcare: “The future of wellness”
  71. Macquarie: “The future of intelligent infrastructure”
  72. National Mining Association: “The inevitability of renewables and smart grids”
  73. Admiral Beverage: “The impact and opportunity of fast product and consumer change:”
  74. Columbus McKinnon: “Blockchain, manufacturing and product design”
  75. American Residential Service: “The smart home: real opportunity or dumb idea?”
  76. Whirlpool: “Reinvention and the new Maytag repairman”
  77. Arconic: “The impact of faster materials science”
  78. Omnitracs: “The trucking industry: faster, connected, electric”
  79. Kal tire: “The inevitability of autonomy”
  80. Alberici Group: “Construction methodologies, faster and complex”
  81. Henry Schein: “The potential for Amazonian level disruption”
  82. American Concrete Institute: “Rethinking hard stuff”
  83. PPG: “Disrupting R&D by adapting”
  84. New York Life: “Real-time underwriting
  85. McKesson: “Shifting the Role of the Pharmacist”
  86. Sports & Fitness Industry Association: “The Impact of Connected Sports & Fitness:
  87. PG&E: “Could the energy industry be Mp3’d?”
  88. Utah League of Cities and Towns: “Citizen engagement, new expectations, and accelerated delivery”
  89. International Association of Conference Centers: “The impact of just-in-time-knowledge on the event industry”
  90. Deloitte: “What do world-class innovators do that others don’t do?”
  91. US Defense Department: “Hitting the target on logistics”
  92. T. Rowe Price: “Financial services in the era of disruptive thinking”
  93. American Chemistry Council: “Hyper-science and the future”
  94. Godiva Chocolates: “Social medial and the new influencer”:
  95. Pearson Learning: “The future of careers and education”
  96. Lockheed Martin: “
  97. Institute for Credentialing Excellence: “The future of education and skills”
  98. Dupont: “Continual product and revenue reinvention”
  99. Compass Group: “Leadership in the era of economic grief”
  100. Black & Veitch: “The trends redefining big infrastructure”
  101. Sandia National Laboratories: “Rethinking nuclear”

It’s quite the list. And that’s only some of the unique topics I’ve covered!


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