What’s your plan for 2021?

It will be a long slog towards the future as the world works to slowly emerge from the pandemic, but there are signs of hope. Promising vaccine candidates, more political stability, less global uncertainty (hopefully), and perhaps a bit less craziness. And as I noted in my Daily Inspiration earlier today, a lot of work to recover from the incredible damage that has been done to global economies over the last year, and indeed, the last four years.

My mindset has always been that the pandemic has set in place a series of massively transformative changes that will forever change the entire foundation of entire industries. Some organizations are waking up to that fact. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be delivering some fresh baked insight into ‘what comes next and what should we do about it?’ Much of it is found within my keynote theme, “2021: What To Expect When Your Future is Unexpected: Understanding The Trends that Define Your New Future!” You can learn more over at https://2021.jimcarroll.com

What’s up? Here are a few of the upcoming and recent virtual keynotes I’m soon to deliver from my virtual broadcast studio

  • the future of restaurants and fast casual : a mid-size pizza franchise owners association is having me in for a talk on what the restaurant and food delivery business will look like into 2021, with a focus on consumer behaviour, disruptive ideas and more
  • the future of agriculture: what happens when a sector is faced with severe labor challenges, global markets in upheaval, a reluctance to spend and invest due to economic damage? I’ll be revisiting the future of the agriculture and farming industry for an agriculture supply company
  • the future of economic development: how has the global economy shifted, and how can a region align itself to the tectonic changes that have occurred through a focus on new economic opportunities that might result?
  • the future of retail: how do we maintain the speed of innovation achieved through curtsied pickup, logistics and last mile delivery? What trends stick and which ones go?
  • the future of healthcare: what’s been learned through 2020, and how do we apply it to the future?
  • the future of energy: how have concepts of ‘work’ and ‘place’ forever changed future energy demand and infrastructure, among other topics

Are you thinking about 2021, or are you stuck in your current pandemic-blindness rut? Maybe it’s time you start to fire up your future-opportunity imagination engines!

Ready to go? Start here – watch this. And then, reach out, and I’ll bring you into my home studio for a virtual tour and an overview of how I will help you accelerate into your next future!


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