Daily Inspiration: “Never say ‘it’s a dumb idea’ and that ‘it won’t work.’ Make it work – and you’ll turn it into a great idea!”


“Never say ‘it’s a dumb idea’ and that ‘it won’t work.’ Make it work – and you’ll turn it into a great idea!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

A screengrab from a little show I did yesterday in my series, “Notable Keynotes: Lessons in Leadership – The PGA of America.

It’s Masters Week in November, so why not talk golf! Lots more in 2020 hasn’t made sense!

What’s the overall storyline? I’m revisiting many of my old keynotes with a look at the key message that the client had me in to focus on – and what we can learn from this as we go into an eventual post-pandemic economy. In the case of the PGA of America, the largest working sports organization in the world, the focus was on how we might achieve growth in the game through creative, innovative thinking that challenges tradition. They actually had me twice!

The first time was just a decade ago this month – for their annual general meeting. At the time, social media was only just beginning to have an impact; new swing technology on-course and off-course was starting to become more readily available; innovative pathways such as TopGolf were starting to draw more interest in the game; and there were challenges in drawing the mobile-obsessed, short attention span younger generation into the game.

Things had to change. There were obvious challenges – declining participation, the closure of courses, less of a willingness to invest 5+ hours in a game on a public course.

All of that was the context for my keynote – and I was on stage early in the morning with a message about the need for relentless, creative thinking. I hit them over and over and over again with my list of the innovation killers – the attitudes and thinking that can hold us back from pursuing new ideas.

Overall, my message was right down the middle of the fairway (unlike my real game). To this day, I still get PGA Professionals who will tell me that my keynote forever changed their entire set of thinking about how to innovate for growth.

And it’s turned into an entire topic page on my Website:

Driving the Future – Linking the Acceleration of Golf to The Speed of Business

The post-pandemic spin? I’ll be posting the video today, but essentially, organizations and industries have set themselves up with a new set of ‘innovation killers’ – excuses that are holding them back from pursuing dramatic new opportunities emerging in the post-pandemic economy.

There is a new economy emerging with a lot of disruptive thinking and new ideas – and you would be unwise to discount them!


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