Daily Inspiration: “Cumulative small steps combined together – that’s the secret to to reinvention!”


“Cumulative small steps combined together – that’s the secret to to reinvention!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

As Neil Armstrong suggested, every big leap involves a whole series of small steps.

Many companies, organizations and people have discovered that what worked for them in the past wasn’t what was necessary in the last eight months – they’ve had to pull together new skills, capabilities and resources, many that they never expected they might need. Or, that they might not need to coordinate in such a hurry!

Everywhere around us, reinvention is the name of the game, and that will be the defining trend going forward into 2021.  My project today and over the next days is to pull together a video that crystallizes the key trends and issues that will help you to get there. I started working on this over the weekend, with a ‘virtual keynote topic’ page that captures my thinking in the title.

Understanding 2021: The Trends that Will Let You Maximize Your Opportunities in this New and Different Decade!

2020 was the most tumultuous year in decades, and shifted the universe for the global economy, industries, companies, people, careers and nations! What’s your plan for moving forward?

What are the trends? What are the issues? The key lessons learned from a tumultuous year? I’ve been working hard at summarizing that, and when ready, I’ll take it into the studio.

But here’s a key point to think about : certainly much of what will happen in the world in 2021 will depend on what happens next week. We’ll either be in a situation in which many countries will move forward into the future together  – or one in which one will choose to continue to regress into the past.  The implications of a nation that continues to turn its’ back on the future are pretty profound. I’m not joking when I roll out my modified screen grab of the day the Jetsons met the Flintstones. It pretty much sums things up.

Simply put,  going forward, should the US decide that it will continue to follow a policy of failed leadership as a pathway to success, every other nation will take a deep breath, and decide that it’s time to abandon future efforts in mutual growth. The geopolitical implications are simply too massive to think about.

Even so, there are many other trends, lessons and actions that will define your 2021 – and it’s critical that you not be overwhelmed by the scope of the challenge or the degree of effort that is involved. That’s why it’s important to take a number of small steps – because it’s when you add them together than they turn into a powerful platform for progress.

Simply put, you just need to forge your future one step at a time. (-;


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