Daily Inspiration: “The simple fact? Your life is now at risk when there are a bunch of Flintstones around!”


“The simple fact? Your life is now at risk when there are a bunch of Flintstones around!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

Check the photo carefully!

Over time, I’ve learned how to carefully address political controversy from the stage; I’m now learning how to do so in my home studio. Idea in mind, I found a wonderful graphic artist on Upwork who could update one of the photos I’d often use in my keynotes where I would talk about the modern day leadership dilemma of our time : how do you accelerate into the world of the Jetsons when there are a bunch of Flintstones around?

The Modern Day Leadership Dilemma? Heading Towards the Jetsons When You Have a Bunch of Flintstones Around!

It’s long been a challenge – read the blog post – but the consequences of this dilemma are now deadly, as people who choose to live in their own make believe world of yesterday become a new type of deadly Fred Flintstone, wandering about spewing death from their breath.  Think about that fact!

The photo? It’s from this small short film I did in the home office yesterday. It’s a fun little piece that captures the energy of my stage keynotes in the contents of my home studio, with the humour and storytelling I’ve developed to build a compelling story on stage. I keep working my studio craft, forcing myself to learn how to ‘build’ better steps, more engaging stories, harnessing the energy of my mind.

And yet, while the picture and picture might be funny, the real life consequences of this idiocy are real.  

Who could have ever predicted that a desire to stay healthy would become such a crazy flashpoint in society? And yet here we are, a new reality set within this old battle between the inevitability of the future vs. those who want to preserve the past. The old battle now has real new consequences.

We all watch this realty play out not just on the world stage, but in the actions, behaviours and opinions of people who are around us. In my own case, I’ve been witnessing situations with a crazy desire to ‘return to normal’ when there is no such thing anymore. There seems to be some ill-fated desire with people stating that it is time ‘to go back to where we were’ – and its not just a bizarre sentiment that bears no logic, but a decision that now comes with real life risks.

Here’s an interesting fact about the future now unfolding around us – some people are now coming to judge the moral and ethical values of the people they know and meet, based on whether those people choose to spew potentially deadly venom from their breath, or not. I can honestly say I never predicted that as a trend!

Fascinating times. Here’s what I know though – In the race to the future, the logic of science always wins! I think the life expectancy of Fred Flintstone, being implanted in an era of ignorance and stupidity, was dramatically shortened. And that’s a trend we can probably predict with certainty going forward. But George, bearing a degree of intelligence, did everything he could to avoid hanging out with George.



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