Leadership Keynote: 9 Things You Need To Do Right Now: Rediscovering Growth, Opportunity and the Future When Volatility is the New Normal!


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My 2020-21 Recession keynote topic was just published. “9 Things You Need to Do Right Now: Rediscovering Growth, Opportunity and the Future When Volatility is the New Normal!

Right now, it’s crisis mode.

But I want you to know I’M READY when your clients are. In the talk, I share lessons learned and leadership insight gained from the talks I did post 9-11 and after the global economic meltdown of 2008-2009. Clients like Yum!, Burger King, Disney, NASA, Johnson and Johnson, and many more had me in for leadership talks with insight to move them forward…. I was BANG-ON with my insight then, and developed a huge reputation for moving people through the 7 Stages of Economic Grief.

File this away. I’m ready when you are.

Bonus points: my green screen home studio is set up for online leadership events. More specific details coming soon. Let’s just say – I can support ANY TYPE of interactive meeting online. ps.

The image below is from a 2009 keynote. We recycle! Check the typos in this brochure copy from the last downturn!


9 Things You Need To Do Right Now: Rediscovering Growth, Opportunity and the Future When Volatility is the New Normal!

Innovating at high velocity is vital to turning challenge into opportunity. Jim Carroll believes that organizations that focus on staying ahead of fast paced economic trends in an era of volatility are best positioned for long term success.

How? Innovative organizations succeed by mastering the pace of the new high velocity economy. In an era of economic challenge, they focus on discovering opportunity while moving through uncertainty!

In this keynote, Jim Carroll builds on insight captured during periods of economic uncertainty to provide a concrete foundation in which to move forward despite relentless economic volatility.

Is there a future out there? Definitely yes, but a constant drumbeat of negative news can cause people to lose sight of what will happen as we return to a period of economic growth. That’s where Jim Carroll comes in — this noted international futurist, trends & innovation expert spends his time with globally innovative leaders. He’s gained keen insight into some of the key trends which will impact industries, organizations and careers in the next few years to come, in a wide variety of industries from health care, to technology and manufacturing, to the skilled trades. Jim is a passionate believer that we live in transformative times — and in five or ten years, will look back at this time with awe at the new industries, products, careers, and opportunities that were developed.

Jim Carroll delivered an extensive number of global leadership keynotes to major organizations after 9/11, and again after the economic meltdown of 2008-09. He has a proven, battle-tested track record in providing compelling insight and time-tested strategies on aligning to the future despite uncertainty. In this leadership oriented talk, Jim covers the trends that will provide for major growth markets through the next five to ten years; where we will see the emergence of new careers, industries, business models and opportunities; and how a relentless focus on opportunity and growth is directly linked to future success. He will help you to make sense of what happened, where we are now, and what do we do next!

Jim Carroll will challenge you to focus on the opportunities of tomorrow, rather than the challenges of today.

And here’s some guidance to get you by!


THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO ARE FAST features the best of the insight from Jim Carroll’s blog, in which he
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