Announcing My Newest Book: “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast: Stories from the Stage on Disruption, Transformation and the Accelerating Future”


I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of my latest book, “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast: Stories from the Stage on Disruption, Transformation and the Accelerating Future

What does the book cover? It is a story of inspiration, observation and transformation : and provides motivational guidance to those who seek how to navigate our increasingly complex, and ever faster world.

The book provides insight into what people and organizations must do to deal with a world of massive disruption and transformation in everything they know.

It is based on what I have learned from a long career as an advisor to my global clients.

Quite simply, I have been speaking to organizations around the world for well over 25 years about the future, and the attitudes and actions that can help them to turn it into a world of opportunity.

Somewhere along the way, I came to realize that this unique experience — a life on the stage — had provided me with some very unique insights into how people try to deal with a world of massive change and challenge. Over time, I began to take some sort of observation — usually inspirational, sometimes controversial — and layered them on top of a photo where I had appeared on stage and shared them with people via my social networks.

Then suddenly, in late July 2016, through a variety of colliding circumstances, the opportunity to focus my thinking into a message of hope and inspiration took on a life of its own. Since that moment in time, I have started each and every workday, without fail, very early in the morning, with my coffee, my laptop, and a moment of quiet reflection. They are a critical part of a very important journey, that of painting a picture of hope and optimism each and every day for what the day might bring.

How important are they? I have not missed one day, since starting this in early August 2016. I mark my personal progress and success one day at a time by my ability to inspire myself and others each and every day through this small personal thought.

This book captures but a small number of those morning reflections. As of this writing, I am approaching close to 1,000. You can find all of them at

I am forever grateful for the other opportunity to have had the small chance to inspire people worldwide. And I am so wonderfully grateful to let you know that the book was a wonderful team effort – with the editing and interior design by my wife Christa, who has worked with me in our home office for almost 30 years.

The cover material, photographic edits and other creative design work were done by my rock-star creative son, Willie Carroll. Learn more about him, his photography, video and drone services at

The book will soon be available for order on and other Amazon locations. (There is a small glitch in that it is listed under the name of a book that we published for a friend some years back through our publishing company; we are sorting this out!)

We are also gearing up for bulk orders and shipments.  As well, Kindle and iBooks versions will be available soon!


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