The Future of Retail is Fast! Are You? My Upcoming Keynote at Revionics Insight 2019!

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It’s going to be an exciting Fall 2019, with a whole series of high profile keynotes lined up!

One of them is my opening keynote at Revionics Insight 2019.

It’s absolutely fantastic because they are holding this premiere retail event at Torrey Pines – and yes, I already have a tee time!

And second, because this company is at the forefront of helping retailers align to the ridiculously fast paced change occurring with business models, consumer behaviour, competitive challenges and more in the retail sector.

My keynote bears the theme, The Disruption and Reinvention of Retail: Aligning to the World of Speed.

And the fact is, to be in the world of retail is to be in the midst of a tsunami of change – and a tornado of relentless opportunity!

Maybe you should add the event to your list. After all, what  will you do to ensure that you are aligned to the opportunity, rather than being just one more casualty that is the ongoing world of disruptive change in the world fo retail? By ensuring that you’ve got the tools, insight, mindset and agility to adapt to ever faster change!

It’s hard to discount the speed of change that continues to envelop the retail sector. Consider this: E-commerce could be 25% of the total retail – grocery and convenience — experience by 2021. In store, cash registers are disappearing, pick-and-pack is dominating retailers attention, and Amazon-style disruption is everywhere.

And then there is the issue of attention spans – one study suggests that a goldfish now has a longer attention span than a human! We scan some 12 feet of shelf space per second, barely paying enough attention to the message offered up by any particular brand.

And last but not least, the arrival of active, intelligent packaging and intelligent (“Internet of Things”) products, collapsing product life-cycles, rapid product obsolescence and the implications on inventory and supply chain!

Some have said that we have seen more change in the world of retail in the last 5 years than we have seen in the last 100, and the pace of change is only going to increase.

That’s why you need to be at Revionics Insight 2019. As a futurist, I spend my time with organizations worldwide, helping to put into perspective how to align to a world in which ‘the future belongs to those who are fast.’ Organizations like Disney, Mercedes Benz, The GAP, Godiva Chocolates and NASA – all of whom are relentlessly focused on the faster pace of change that surrounds them – and turning that change into opportunity. I’ll share that insight with you in San Diego.

And I’ll speak to one of the most important issues in dealing with the future today – the issue of timing. Increasingly, your opportunity for future success will come from your ability to get the timing right!, by sharing with you my “5 Rules to Determine the Arrival of the Future.”

It will give you a good, solid framework to understand, assess, and align to any of the massive trends that are swirling around you, and which might provide for both disruptive threat and opportunity.


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