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When Apple Fails…..


At the end of last year, I wrote a little document, 25 Trends for 2025. It’s a good read — and might provide you some insight into some of the unique trends that might provide opportunity and challenge going forward.

The 24th trend I wrote said this, predicting that by 2025:

Apple is Delisted

Once one of the world’s most innovative, cash-rich, highly valued company, Apple enters a new phase in 2025 when it is delisted from most global stock markets.


Most industry leaders never survive; there is always someone with a better idea.

It’s the age old rule of business: incumbency is not a guarantee!

I was thinking about this post last night, when I packed up my new 4th Generation Apple TV to send it back to Apple.

What a failure of a device. Without the ability to link to it via a Bluetooth keyboard or App as with prior generations, it just became a madly infuriating failure.

It’s the first Apple device I’ve ever returned — and my family and I probably have some 50-75+ Apple  devices in our lives through the last decade.

I don’t know what the Apple Engineers were thinking with this decision, but to me, it just seems like such an obvious failure that perhaps they are losing touch with their customers and the evolution of their products.

Do they care? Are they complacent? Perhaps, probably. Will they even both to respond to one small customer in a customer base of hundreds of millions? Probably not. Could they engineer themselves into extreme failure in the future? Perhaps. History has taught us that no organization is guaranteed success into the future!

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