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In Praise of Mothers-in-Law!

It’s Mother’s Day in North America, a tradition that has extended back in some time. It’s a wonderful day to remember and treasure your mom as a special person, and also celebrate and be in awe of the love you have for your wife, the mother of your children.


“Oma” hated having her picture taken, and did everything she could to avoid one. But every once in a while, with quick timing and rapid reaction, I’d get a great shot!

But all too rarely does anyone seem to acknowledge the “other mother” who has played a major role in your family life.

That would be your mother-in-law.

In my case, that was Susanna Steube — or someone we simply knew as “Oma.” She took me under her wing when I started getting serious about her daughter, Christa, in 1997.

She took it as her mission that I should be fed — and well. She always welcomed us into our home with a big smile, a big meal, and the German afternoon tradition of “coffee and cake”. She took delight in the arrival of our sons, and each and every visit over 23 years was just a very, very special time.

So on Mother’s Day, it’s also probably just a great day to also recognize and treasure the moments that we also got to spend with our spouse’s mom! To Oma!


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