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On stage for the PGA!

I was privileged and honored to be the opening keynote speaker for the 94th Annual General Meeting of the PGA of America, “the largest working sports organization in the world,” speaking to the trends and innovation issues that might be considered in an ongoing effort to promote the game to everyone, everywhere.

It was quite the extraordinary day, and I must say, one of the highlights of my eighteen year speaking career.

3 Responses to “On stage for the PGA!”

  1. joe felder said:

    That was a terrific talk. There was so much info to digest. Loved every minute.

  2. Darrell Bock said:

    An outstanding presentation for an industry and association that falls on its traditions so often. We learned that our tradition should not be something that holds us back, but rather the launching pad for innovation for the future. Thanks Jim for your thought provoking presentation.


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