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Welcome to the new!

Welcome to my new Web site. We went live about 330PM EST today.

There are still a few kinks to work out, but overall, this promises to be a wonderful experience. I’ll be able to draw comments into my blog posts; have more flexibility with blogging and sharing of my insight, and many other capabilities. It was a long overdue move; my last new design rolled out around 2004 or so! (This will be the 6 or 7th major redesign over a 17 year period!)

Kudos to my friends at Echo Factory, a California based agency that has laboured to bring the new site together. They are really cool folks, and I would highly recommend them. In particular, a fellow named Andrew Hoehn for hanging in with tenacity to get the project to its launch.

That intro banner from their Web site just about says it all. I think they’ve done a tremendous job in launching a new Jim Carroll brand.

Let me know what you think! Comments are open.

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