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I read a book today, oh boy! "Bothered by My Green Conscience"

Fifteen years ago, I met Franke James — a brilliant designer, artist, and creative thinker. At the time, she had been the lead designer for a conference program for which I was the lead speaker.

Our paths diverged, and I had not seen her for some time, but was aware of her ongoing work. In 2004, I needed a cover design for my upcoming book, “What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation.”

I thought of Franke, met with her again, and contracted her on the spot. Her design was unequivocally brilliant.

Paths diverged again — and then she’s back. Last night, I read Franke’s new book, “Bothered by My Green Conscience: How an SUV-driving, imported-strawberrty-eating urban dweller can go green.”

It’s an absolutely stunning, delightful, colorful, inspirational and thought provoking romp through Franke’s unique adventure to change her life to pay more respect to the environment. It’s artistic, creative, and unique. I don’t think I’ve quite ever read a book like this.

It’s not really a book that you read; it’s more of a colorful diagram that you work your mind through. Franke’s unique skill has always been her ability to draw her thinking. And that’s what she does in this book — it’s an absolutely fascinating display of what can be done when a truly unique, creative mind sets out to tell a story in a unique and innovative way.

You really need this book – both for the unique creative way in which she tells her story — and for the importance of the message that it provides. Inspirational!

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