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"Thriving in turbulent times " – interview on Cognos Radio

IBM’s Cognos division has put up an interview with me on their BIRadio site, which focuses on business intelligence.

The key theme of the interview: “Author and Innovation Consultant Jim Carroll explains how to avoid “aggressive indecision” and why now is the perfect time to forge ahead with new ideas”.

Here’s an excerpt:

Kelsey Howarth: You write that the danger is an idea recession, or innovation paralysis. Do you think companies are still in that shock phase?

Jim Carroll: They’re like deer in the headlights. They’re so focused on the headlines, they’re so focused on every single twist and turn of what’s going on with the economy and if you sit back and you think about the industry you’re in, there’s probably lots of potential for growth. What we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get people beyond this paralysis and get them focused on the future again. You know, I coined the phrase a few years ago when we had the last downturn after, the dotcom collapse. I said that people were going into a state of aggressive indecision. You know, they just decided to not to make decisions about anything. You know, they just, sort of everybody went on pause and I think we have to recognize we’ve got to get beyond the pause button. We’ve got to press the play button and start doing things. We have to keep moving forward.”

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