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Rethinking Innovation

Here’s one thing I’ve been stressing to many of my clients during keynotes, leadership and workshops: organizations need to work hard to ensure they establish an overall culture of innovation. What does that mean? Everyone throughout the organization has a mindset that they are equally responsible for innovative ideas; they’re colaborative with those ideas; and they focus on three key questions: how can we run the business better, grow the business, and transform the business.

Here’s a clip from a recent keynote in which I explore this theme

IBM seems to like my ideas; they put out a white-paper in January of this year, and included a quote that catches the key theme in this video clip:

According to futurist Jim Carroll, transformation is very doable for many businesses: “They are realizing that innovation isn’t some dark, mysterious ancient ritual: they’re realizing that it’s simply a mindset that involves constant probing to see how we can fix things, find new things, or transform things, whether those things be business processes, customer service methods, new products, marketing and distribution cannel concepts, or just about anything else.”:

  • IBM White Paper Business analytics: The perfect fit for the agile enterprise

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