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Think growth! We get mail…..

CEOMindset.jpgI often get mail after speaking on stage to a group of people, or after hosting a small leadership meeting.

Here’s one that just came in…

As one of the behind-the-scenes people working at the conference….I was asked to pass along my feedback/reaction to your presentation. In fact, as part of my responsibilities, I edit/rewrite the speaker biographies and, after the conference, write summaries of the presentations Croplife to post on their website — so you’ll be seeing the results once I’ve gotten the transcripts from the production company that tapes the speeches.

In the meantime, some immediate feedback: your delivery was energetic and the subject treatment both thorough and fascinating; I especially liked your accompanying photos — I found some images really stayed with me, such as the photo of the person sitting on a chair in a field, looking out across the landscape, wide blue sky, big clouds, etc. and the graphic image of a person in silhouette stepping from a darkened space across a doorway into the light. Great choice of images that carried a lot of meaning!

I can tell you that from where I sat, your presentation really seized the attention of everyone around me.

Congratulations on an excellent keynote — considering the spin-off effect that’s already occurred, it seems you’re ‘trending’ ever upward for 2009!

That made my day! Think growth!

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