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Change! What happens when change happens?

Well, it seems that EVERYBODY is now talking about change. Given that, it’s time to resurrect my original “change” video!

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Want to share the video? Do it now — it’s on YouTube.

Can change happen? It can — but it takes a lot of work! I spend my time on stage with audiences of 2,000 people — or with CEO meetings — focusing on how to get things to change. Even so, this video clip is inspiring — when confronted with change — JUST DEAL WITH IT!

Here’s the story about the video. Outside my home office, I’ve got what my family has come to call the “squirrel highway.” All day long, they scurry back and forth along the top of the fence, busy collecting and hiding food.

A few years ago, my sons and I wondered what would happen if we put up some highway signs for them to obey.

We set up a video camera — taped for six hours running — and edited out the best bits. It’s a project we’re still working on.

This clip was the funniest one — and seems to tell a bit of a story as to the right way to deal with change. I spend a huge amount of my time in keynotes and workshops helping organizations adapt to the rapid rates of change that surround us. And it’s certainly clear that lots of people just aren’t good with change. This little fellow is!

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