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Computational analytics is another new plastic!

At my keynote to the US Association of Actuaries this week, and for a keynote to LOMA last week (an insurance association conference), I played a series of maps that showed the rapid emergence of obesity in the US population from 1995 to the present day, The maps were provided by the Insurance Information Institute.

I challenged the audience to think about what will happen through the next five years: we will see the emergence of “location intelligence dashboards” that will allow such professionals, to examine in real time, the emergence of new risk factors in their industry.

Location intelligence is coming about as organizations learn to link massive stores of information and research to spatial — or map oriented (i.e. Google Maps) information. An entire new profession is emerging at the same time — location intelligence professionals.

This is part of an overall sweeping trend, in which computational analytics play a massive role in the emergence of new careers, businesses and industries. We are entering a time that involves the rapid processing of massive stores of information and unique new ways of analyzing information.I talk about this extensively in my future oriented keynotes and is a topic that is covered in several trends documents on my site.

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  • Insurance Information Institute report 0- Obesity, Liability, and Insurance
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