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10 Great Words: inspirational innovation insight

10GreatWords.jpgYears ago, I wrote a little article, “10 Great Words,” as a way of summarizing how to instill an innovative mindset.

It remains one of the most heavily viewed pages on my site. I use the words within my keynotes, providing motivational guidance to people on how they can challenge assumptions and eliminate habits.

I often notice people in the audience quickly writing the words down; I’ve heard of others who have printed off the list of 10 words and have posted them to their cubicle. Simply as a way to stay focused on creativity and innovation.

The list also made it into my Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast book.

I’ve just wrapped it up in a new PDF ; feel free to share the document with your staff, team, and leadership; it’s proven to be a wonderful summary of how to stay motivated and focused on opportunity!

Download the 10 Great Words document adobe.gif

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