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JC-blog.jpg(*) “The world doesn’t need many more folks with a Masters of Business Administration — it needs a lot more with a Masters in Business Imagination!Jim Carroll, imagining what it would be like if we could earn our MBI

Here’s a bit of background about Jim

  • a leading international futurist, trends & innovation expert, recently covered in The Advertiser, Credit Suisse’s Bulletin, Dubai’s Capital Magazine
  • The Walt Disney Corporation needed to inspire senior staff on the topics of innovation and creativity: and brought in Jim Carroll
  • Business Week : “Jim is one of four leading sources for insight on innovation and creativity”
  • a featured expert on the prime time CNBC series, “The Business of Innovation,” hosted by Maria Bartiromo
  • Credit Suisse profiles Jim Carroll in their global customer publication Bulletin: “unique insight on growth
  • Example keynote: 7 Things You Need to Do Right Now: Aligning The Fast Future to Your Current Strategy
  • a strategic thinker and “thought “leader” – deep insight into trends, the future, creativity, innovation, with a global client base that includes Nestle, Motorola, American Society for Quality, Caterpillar, SAP, Verizon, the BBC, Microsoft, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Property and Casualty Insurance Association of America, and the Swiss Innovation Forum and many more — see the client list
  • an author, columnist, media commentator, consultant, with a focus on linking future trends to innovation and creativity, provides high energy keynotes for audiences of 3,000, or intimate, detailed customized strategic planning insight for CEO / board / senior management meetings
  • hundreds of thousands have shared his insight with highly energized presentations in Zurich, New York, Vancouver, Cayman Islands, Palm Springs, London, Los Angeles, Budapest, Miami, Toronto, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Nassau and Stockholm,
  • Jim is the author of Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast, and What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation
  • Sample topic: Game Changers: The 8 Big Trends That Will Rock Your World
  • an 18 year track record in providing direct, independent guidance to a huge, diverse client base, combined with a previous professional financial background, including 12 years with the world’s largest professional services firm
  • he has researched key innovation success factors for dozens of industries, associations, professions, companies, individuals
  • has provided industry specific keynotes and strategic planning sessions for life sciences, health care, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, technology, education, government, consumer products, retail, banking, and countless other industries
  • he has provided his insight in dozens of books, in over 600 articles, and in over 3,000 interviews on radio, television and in print, with media exposure and interviews with ABC News, BusinessWeek, INC, Fast Company, CNBC, Texas Meetings and Events, the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), American Way, The Age (Sydney, Australia), CAPITAL Magazine (Dubai/United Arab Emirates) CEO Magazine Hungary, Association LEADERSHIP, the National Post and PROFIT, to name but a few


THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO ARE FAST features the best of the insight from Jim Carroll’s blog, in which he
covers issues related to creativity, innovation and future trends.