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Fast to innovate. Fast to build. Fast to market.

innovation-ont.jpgThough I spend my time travelling the world with my innovation message, it’s nice to find some recognition at home. I’ve been living in Ontario, Canada, for the last 22 years, a region that has long been an economic powerhouse.

The economy here, like many others, has its ups and downs; and in going forward into an economy of rapid change, it’s the innovation capability that will make the difference.

The Premier of the province, Dalton McGuinty, has just issued his first Ontario Innovates newsletter; I’m interviewed within it. The Premier notes that “we’re living in an exciting era where ideas are springing to life faster than we can blink.” He goes on to note that “in today’s hyper-competitive global economy, “it’s not about the big overtaking the small. It’s about the fast overtaking the slow.”

I agree, commenting “We can be wide open to the world and participate in global opportunities, or we can retreat and hide away from it ….. I sense folks are dispirited, especially in smaller communities. It’s like they feel they tried it and it didn’t work. We need to remind people of what is possible.”

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