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Article: Innovators look beyond the horizon

tomorrow-dubai.jpgCAPITAL Magazine in Dubai has run my article, “Tomorrow is the New Today.”

The article is based on several of the postings to this blog over the last year, opening with the observation that “with all the organizations I’ve studied, I’ve long realized that innovation comes naturally to those organizations that are focused on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the challenges of today.

While that might seem like simple common sense, I’ve come to learn that quite a few companies don’t do this. They are too busy dealing with the ‘here and now;’ in the meantime, their markets are changing, their customers are evolving, the products and services they sell are rapidly transitioning before they know it, they wake up and things have changed quite dramatically.

That’s why I suggest that companies should “instill a culture that has everyone thinking about what can be done, rather than what needs to be fixed.”

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