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My own top 10 blog posts

top_10.jpgHere’s a quickl list of what I think were some of the best posts to this often sporadic blog through the year.

  1. Change: Deal with it: this little fellow still cracks me up.

  2. The infinite idea loop: the future is faster. Even Fortune covered this posting. A compelling 3 minute watch, if you really want to understand how the future is evolving.

  3. The Masters of Business Imagination Manifesto: FastCompany picked up on my MBI Manifesto found in this post. It got so much attention, it has become the focus of my next book, due out in 2006.

  4. It’s in to be out!”: Too much fun earlier this year when I met with the editors of O (Oprah Magazine), Elle, Family Circle, Parenting, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Working Mother, American Baby, Soap Opera Weekly, Woman’s Day, Glamor, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Good Housekeeing, Family Circle and about 40 other national trade magazines, in New York City! Covering off my list of outdoor trends…..on behalf of a major client.

  5. Frogs in Texas reviews: After all that work in bringing out a new book, it gets some great reviews and momentum throughout 2005.

  6. The Tiniest Warrior of All: My wife and I published, through out publishing company Oblio Press, a very important, powerful and emotional book.

  7. 10 Signs You’ve Got an Innovation Dysfunction: How can you tell if you’ve got problems? Read the list …. Fortune covered this one.

  8. Creativity, trends and innovation in retail, packaging and consumer goods: I’ve done a huge number of talks in almost every industry and profession in the last decade, talking as a futurist about future trends. I’ve got a huge number of trends floating around in my head and in my materials, and I’m trying to use the blog to capture alot of them after a major keynote. This post is a good example.

  9. The concept of going to school for knowledge is kind of quaint…”: A quick article that stirred up a fair bit of controversy. I don’t believe anything I said here to be untrue.

  10. 10 More Ways to Instill Innovation: A followup to the innovation dysfunction post above.

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