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I've got my Masters in Business Imagination!!!! Do you?

Huge web traffic has hitting my recent lists, just posted in December — 10 Innovation Killers, 10 Words for 2005, 10 Ideas for 2005 and more of my “lists of 10.”

I’m convinced there is a stifling lack of creativity in the world today. Which is why, when I read an article about MBA’s complaining that they “don’t get any respect,” I clued in to what really needs to be done….

Fact is, the business world doesn’t need anymore Masters of Business Administration. It needs more Masters of Business Imagination. Better yet, a Masters of Business Innovation.

People who can think. Innovate. Change. Challenge assumption and eliminate habit. Take a look at existing challenges and say — we can do better. We can do more. We can accomplish….

Things are moving too darned fast out there to focus on ADMINISTRATION — we need to focus on IMAGINATION and INNOVATION.

I just wish there were a degree program available. Imagine — Jim Carroll, MBI

It has a nice ring. Think the same!

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