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VOIP Keynote

On Monday, I’ll be doing a keynote for a group of telecom executives.

The session is described as such:

After 100 years, StarKist got rid of its tin-can, replacing it with a resealable plastic pouch. $200 million of new revenue later, they’ve realized the benefit of aggressive change. So it is with the telecom industry — it is now in the midst of the largest seismic shift to have ever occurred, as VoIP comes to dominate the agenda, the architecture, and the future. Noted futurist, innovation and trends expert Jim Carroll comes straight from presentations to the US National Rural Telecom Association, the Texas State Rural Telephone Coop, SaskTel and MTS with a key message — VoIP is real, it has momentum, and it’s not going away. It’s time to innovate and change, adapt and evolve as the very foundation of what you know as “telecom” becomes a tin can. Jim will cover the trends, the opportunities, the challenges and threats — and leave you well positioned to realize the vast dimensions of what we will be faced with through the next 5, 10, 15, 20 years … and beyond.”

More info on my telecom oriented keynotes here.

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