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CNN – "CD players becoming a thing of the past"

But in this case, CNN gets it wrong.

CNN notes in a story that DVD players are coming to replace CD players in homes. No problem with that : DVD players are the fastest growing consumer technology ever in terms of adoption rate, and since all DVD players can play CD’s, they’re replacing them.

But DVD’s are just a transitional step. The real home of the future will be just like mine today — with a central server storing thousands of MP3 or other format music files, accessible through a home-ethernet from a consumer audio device. You’ll have a network-based jukebox through which you’ll access your vast music library; will change the tunes that you play through your Web browser or palm-like device; and will find that CD’s have become a relic of the days of old.

The fact is, that is a future that is already here today.

I’ve been doing this for years, as have thousands of other people, with a magical device known as the Turtle Beach Audiotron.

I wrote about this in my article, “Is This Guy Crazy or Just Way Ahead of His Time?” which appeared in Link Magazine, July 2002. There’s also a video on the page that links to this article which explains why my 8 year old son thinks that CD’s are from the ‘olden days.’

[ My article ]

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