Daily Inspiration – Momentum : “Your moment is right now. Are you ready?

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“Your moment is right now. Are you ready?” – Futurist Jim Carroll

What are you waiting for?

More clarity? Greater certainty? A guaranteed outcome? A completely reliable forecast? Are you demanding a crystal clear outlook before you can bring yourself to a decision or even gather up the momentum to begin moving forward?

The only certainty that you have right now is that tomorrow is tomorrow, and there’s not a lot you can do about that fact. It’s pretty guaranteed that in major ways or subtle fashion, it will be very different than today. In that context, if you keep on doing what you’ve always done in that context, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

Here’s what separates successful people from marginal performers: Successful people do. Marginal performers don’t. That’s because successful people know that their moment is right now, and they seize upon it through action, not indecision. Successful people decide to move forward with confidence. Marginal performers? They hesitate!

How do you get your momentum going? Understand what drives success:

  • Successful people seek solutions. Marginal performers focus on problems.
  • Successful people take calculated risks. Marginal performers play it safe.
  • Successful people learn from failure. Marginal performers avoid it.
  • Successful people set clear goals. Marginal performers lack direction.
  • Successful people adapt quickly. Marginal performers resist change.
  • Successful people cultivate resilience. Marginal performers give up easily.
  • Successful people are continuously learning. Marginal performers think they know enough.
  • Successful people build strong networks. Marginal performers work in isolation.
  • Successful people stay focused on the big picture. Marginal performers get lost in the details.
  • Successful people inspire others. Marginal performers complain.
  • Successful people embrace challenges. Marginal performers avoid them.
  • Successful people innovate. Marginal performers stagnate.
  • Successful people prioritize self-improvement. Marginal performers neglect personal growth.
  • Successful people build resilience. Marginal performers succumb to pressure.
  • Successful people are proactive. Marginal performers are reactive.
  • Successful people seek feedback. Marginal performers ignore criticism.
  • Successful people foster positive relationships. Marginal performers create conflicts.
  • Successful people think long-term. Marginal performers focus on the short-term.
  • Successful people lead by example. Marginal performers follow the crowd.
  • Successful people take responsibility. Marginal performers blame others.
  • Successful people stay curious. Marginal performers are complacent.
  • Successful people are flexible. Marginal performers are rigid.
  • Successful people maintain a positive attitude. Marginal performers are often negative.
  • Successful people are goal-oriented. Marginal performers lack focus.
  • Successful people embrace diversity. Marginal performers resist differences.
  • Successful people are consistently reliable. Marginal performers are unpredictable.
  • Successful people invest in their future. Marginal performers live only in the present.

Successful people are the yin. Are you the yang?

Get moving. Get going. Start doing. Momentum is better than motivation.

Your moment is right now.

Will you seize the opportunities?


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