Daily Inspiration: Personal Motivation – “Pursue ideas. Chase dreams. Be bold. Enjoy the ride!”

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“Pursue ideas. Chase dreams. Be bold. Enjoy the ride!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

I’m on stage early this morning, so I don’t have a lot of time to write this post. As a result, I thought I would just come up with a list of 2-word phrases that can inspire, challenge, motivate, and encourage you.

I’ve always liked short, sharp shocks of insight (a tribute to Pink Floyd there!) since I find that it can help us to think big and be bold about the future. I guess I’ve done this for a long time; I even used the three phrases that start this list in the title of one of my books!

I’ve always also liked the idea of lists that have a type of ‘number branding,’ and so how about 101?

With that in mind, here goes!

  1. Think big
  2. Start small
  3. Scale fast
  4. Pursue ideas
  5. Chase dreams
  6. Implement solutions
  7. Find opportunity
  8. Dig deep
  9. Seek success
  10. Chase optimism
  11. Focus faster
  12. Learn more
  13. Do good
  14. Do better
  15. Do more
  16. Argue less
  17. Balance life
  18. Find solace
  19. Be scared
  20. Be encouraged
  21. Be real
  22. Seek strength
  23. Develop fortitude
  24. Enjoy youth
  25. Respect wisdom
  26. Get started
  27. Never stop
  28. Be bold
  29. Banish timidity
  30. Be daring
  31. Take risks
  32. Think smart
  33. Be curious
  34. Explore ideas
  35. Enjoy discovery
  36. Avoid grudges
  37. Never shout
  38. Calm down
  39. Listen more
  40. Challenge people
  41. Challenge yourself
  42. Change minds
  43. Change perspectives
  44. Accept change
  45. Change faster
  46. Change yourself
  47. Dream big
  48. Act now
  49. Believe more
  50. Create value
  51. Fail forward
  52. Give back
  53. Hustle hard
  54. Innovate often
  55. Keep growing
  56. Lead well
  57. Make progress
  58. Never quit
  59. Overcome obstacles
  60. Push boundaries
  61. Question everything
  62. Assume nothing
  63. Stay focused
  64. Take action
  65. Unleash potential
  66. Visualize success
  67. Solidify integrity
  68. Work smarter
  69. Work harder
  70. Exceed expectations
  71. Exceed goals
  72. Zero in
  73. Achieve more
  74. Believe yourself
  75. Empower others
  76. Find balance
  77. Grow stronger
  78. Help others
  79. Inspire change
  80. Jumpstart momentum
  81. Keep moving
  82. Learn faster
  83. Never settle
  84. Overcome fear
  85. Pursue passion
  86. Question assumptions
  87. Challenge habit
  88. Eliminate routine
  89. Banish skepticism
  90. Avoid hype
  91. Reach higher
  92. Stay motivated
  93. Take risks
  94. Unleash creativity
  95. Visualize victory
  96. Work harder
  97. Find results
  98. Calm down
  99. Find fun
  100. Make lists
  101. Enjoy life

I’m not sure if there is duplication, but it is a fun list!


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