Daily Inspiration: “Chase good failure!”

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“Chase good failure!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

This post originally started out with this thought in mind: “You don’t have a right to success. But you do have the right to learn it and earn it!” My original idea was to come up with a list of 101 things you could do to try to learn and earn your success going forward.

But at the same time, a potential client was asking me for a video clip of how I do my text message polling on stage – it’s an effective way for audience interaction. While editing the clip, the phrase ‘good failure’ came to mind – because my attempt failed live, in real-time, in front of the audience. I then turned around and used that failure to my advantage to emphasize a key point. In effect, the video clip is an example of ‘good failure‘ in action! Hence, today’s quote!

And so, here’s my rolling list:

  1. Chase good failure
  2. Avoid bad failure
  3. Know the difference!
  4. Do even more good failure
  5. Do less bad failure while you do so<
  6. Always have a backup plan
  7. Test your backup plan
  8. Make that plan, plan B
  9. Don’t fear to change
  10. Fear not changing!
  11. Change faster
  12. Know what to change
  13. Know what not to change
  14. Do many new things
  15. Avoid the old things
  16. Put in the work
  17. Work harder
  18. Know when not to work
  19. Chase ideas
  20. Keep reinventing your ideas
  21. When you are stuck, find a new idea
  22. Don’t get stuck on one idea
  23. Let go of your best ideas
  24. Because there is always a better idea
  25. Take the lumps
  26. Learn from the lumps
  27. Don’t fear your failures
  28. Celebrate your successes
  29. Get inspired by others
  30. View your success as an iterative voyage
  31. Learn what you don’t know
  32. Know what you don’t know
  33. Unlearn what you do know
  34. Know what you need to know next
  35. Know what’s next
  36. Get involved with that next
  37. Challenge your assumptions
  38. Eliminate your habits
  39. Get out of your rut
  40. Find a new rut and make it a temporary one
  41. Rethink your dumb ideas – they are a starting point for a great idea
  42. Find the smart idea within the dumb idea
  43. Recognize that it might not be a dumb idea after all
  44. Listen more
  45. Listen to the right people
  46. Avoid the negative people
  47. Find inspiration in inspirational people
  48. Know who those people are
  49. Get rid of the toxic ones
  50. At the same time, inspire others
  51. Find the power of the crowd
  52. Learn to work the power of the crowd
  53. Give back to the crowd
  54. Always find a new crowd
  55. Don’t assume you have the solution
  56. But make sure you can identify the problem
  57. Try something that works
  58. When it doesn’t work, try a new thing
  59. Only do that new thing for a while and then find another new thing
  60. Have an inventory of new things
  61. Nurture those new things with your imagination
  62. Recognize that your imagination is your most important asset
  63. So dream more
  64. Dream big
  65. Dream of things that other people say are crazy
  66. Do more crazy
  67. But recognize it’s not crazy – it’s innovation
  68. So innovate more!
  69. Innovate simply to innovate – forget a goal
  70. Change your goals
  71. Have multiple goals
  72. Abandon goals faster in place of new ones
  73. Learn more
  74. Learn more faster
  75. Know faster what you need to learn faster
  76. Learn just-in-time
  77. Develop skills to learn-just-in-time
  78. Observe more
  79. Observe the right things
  80. Don’t observe what doesn’t matter
  81. Know what doesn’t matter
  82. Waste time
  83. Do frivolous things
  84. Make them less frivolous – make them real
  85. Stop making excuses
  86. Stop blaming others
  87. Abandon the whole idea of excuses
  88. Start moving
  89. Make action your oxygen
  90. Be horrified by your inaction
  91. Admit when you were wrong
  92. Know when you were wrong
  93. Fix those wrongs
  94. Know how to get your trainwreck back on track
  95. Help others get back on track
  96. Know what the track forward should be
  97. Never go back to the other track
  98. Chase optimism
  99. Nurture your optimism
  100. Make ‘oops‘ your personal mantra
  101. Know that good failure is good for you

And there you are!

101 ideas to start your day!


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