10 Great Strategies for 2023 – What are the CEOs Thinking About?


I just finished the final post in my series, “23 Trends for 2023.” As I write in the intro:

The future is a vast and complex issue, and one that covers so many potential topics.

Since I speak in virtually every industry, from agriculture to healthcare, banking to technology, transportation to energy, it’s always been difficult to come up with a good concise end of years trends preview list!

And so this year, I’ve done something different! 23 Trends for 2023!

It’s a grab bag of trends to get you thinking – based on what I am hearing from my global list of clients as to what CEOs and senior executives are thinking about.  I’ll post a new trend each work day to mid-January!

With that in mind, here’s a list of what I think are 10 Great Strategies for 2023! These flow directly from many of the trends I outlined in that series.

These are the trends:

  1. Embrace the chaos: volatility is the new normal – run with it!
  2. Think transformation, not innovation: you can’t just chip away at the edges anymore – think and BE big!
  3. Lock in the lessons learned: we learned a lot during the pandemic – capitalize on it!
  4. Double down on flexibility: be agile, fast, responsive – the world doesn’t tolerate slow anymore!
  5. Master the timing: it’s not the trend that matters – it’s when and what you do with it that matters
  6. Accept inevitability: your business model is changing, forever – stop fighting it!
  7. Manage your FOMO: get away from hype – it never works for you
  8. Embed realism: instead, be realistic about your strategy – and get moving!
  9. Battle cynicism and doubt: don’t think it won’t work – make it work!
  10. Accept acceleration: because the future is fast, and you need to pick up the pace!
  11. Go further! Since every great list goes to 11 – Think BIG, start small, scale fast!
This list is capturing some attention. The interesting thing is that it is proving to be a structural conversation starter, helping to provide an outline for the keynotes I am doing for various CEO-level corporate leadership meetings. Here’s the structure that was developed for one recent gig — when I go through this outline with a CEO, they get excited, because it aligns to what they are thinking about!
  • It’s time to revisit the future
  • We need to think transformation, not innovation
  • We must lock in the lessons we learned during Covid (fast teams, new collaboration, innovating at speed, etc)
  • We choose not to participate in any recession/economic downturn by doubling down on growth
  • We need to re-identify the real trends that provide opportunity going forward
  • We need to strategize around these, and get moving FAST!

What am I really doing with these strategic outlines?

l’m covering the big issues that CEOs want their organizations to be thinking about as we finally get away from firefighting in the era of Covid and back to aligning to the future!


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