Daily Inspiration: “Move fast – your creativity engine will thank you for it!”

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“Move fast – your creativity engine will thank you for it!” – Futurist Jim Carroll

Momentum matters.

If you work, track, or are impacted by the world of tech or the tech industry, there are seismic changes underway, and they are happening at seismic speed. While Facebook, Amazon, and others terminate thousands of employees and the crypto industry goes through the entirely predictable wave of fraud exposure, TikTok is hiring thousands of people. A very real exodus from Twitter is underway, and new potential replacements are evolving at speed. These trends are indicative of the fact that the whole world of technology has accelerated to an unprecedented degree.

If you want to be a part of the future, your momentum matters – and getting involved early will fire up and rejuvenate your creativity engine!

Consider Silicon Valley – the implosion is real.

From the perspective of someone who watched the collapse of a vast portion of the tech sector in 2000-01, the parallels are eerily similar. What I do know from that time is that while one sector of the industry disappeared, we also saw the explosive growth of new startups, ideas, technologies, concepts, and companies. Something similar is happening right now, but it is happening much faster – hence, exploring it faster will help you understand it faster!

The speed at which trends are now evolving is simply staggering – even for me, someone who has long preached the mantra that ‘the future belongs to those who are fast!

Millions of people are busy abandoning Twitter, unwilling to put up with the mercurial antics of the current owner and the plan that will see the return of active, vile hate to the platform. There seem to be two key trends underway, with many going to the distributed Mastodon network, and many more going to the equity-financed closed system known as Post. News. I have now joined both, posting and pinning this to my Twitter timeline:

.One individual I follow in the tech world, Kris Nóva, had this to say in a lengthy post about her exploration of the new world of Mastodon:

The mass exodus of the tech community from Twitter is extremely real. In my opinion these numbers validate the hypothesis that Silicon Valley has lost faith in Musk’s ability to lead Twitter. I sense that we are approaching a social media and corporate renaissance.

The post she wrote has staggering numbers. Consider that the server that she is a part of – dedicated to tech topics – went from 720 users to 25,000 in just over two weeks. Other sites are reporting similar trends.

Overall, any technology today beyond these current headline grabbing activities are accelerating. Consider the rate of adoption of Stable Diffisuon, a text-to-image AI platform that I wrote about in my post “The nearest thing to magic can now emerge in moments.”

Daily Inspiration: “The nearest thing to magic can  now emerge in moments!”

The point I raised in that post, prepared several months ago, now looks kind of quaint given what has happened with the uptake of the Stable Diffusion technology since then. While previous technologies took weeks or months or even years for widespread adoption – this particular technology took but days. Check the blue line highlighted by the red arrow.

Clearly, there are trends happening here at speed!

TikTok? As I wrote a month ago I joined TikTok. I wrote about that in my post “You’re never too old to learn new stuff!” It seems to be quickly becoming dominant as the search engine of choice for those 25 and under, rendering Google into the category of being ‘something from the olden days.’ Given that – and for other reasons described in the post I decided to join it and take part.

So what are the results of my exploration?

I told my sons – who advised me that I was too old to go onto TikTok – that I was clearly giving Taylor Swift a run for her money! After all, I now have 100 followers, which is an annual growth rate of 1200%, She’s been stuck at around 11 million users for a long time, so clearly there isn’t equivalent momentum there, with a growth rate of about 0%. I’ve got momentum on my side! (Insert LOL!)

Seriously, though, I will never be a presence online or have ‘influence,’ but I’m learning fast, and that is what is important to me. I’m finding the voyage into TikTok to be a creativity engine enhancer – I’ve been busy learning how to film short little clips of a minute or two in length, based on the current days Daily Inspiration post. Even doing something like this has helped me to understand this strange new world, as well as learn many new things about my process of video production and editing. Is it early shattering? No. Am I learning at speed? Yes!

Momentum matters!


Daily Inspiration: “Disruptive trends never wait for those who are structured for slow in a world of fast!” – #futurist #inspirationalvideo #fast

♬ original sound – Futurist Jim Carroll

When the world is moving fast, there is an opportunity to move with it in order to learn quickly what is happening. Because here’s the thing – you never know where the future is going to go. And to be a part of it, you need to have an open and creative mindset. Fire up your creativity engines, so to speak!

All you know is where you’ve been and where you currently are. you’ve got to be ready for what comes next, whatever it might be!

Momentum matters!


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